The difference between the Earth and the world

Picture yourself in your adolescence, wanting to become a surgeon due to the high salary. As life lingers onward, you continue to work as diligent as possible in school to reach the goal. Once you actually receive that certificate to practice your profession, you are overwhelmed with admiration, nostalgia, acknowledgement, and gratefulness for the past [...]


Honey Pop

Thank you, For the sweet joy suited for me, and my life particularly. For the rays of the promising rainbow, shining simultaneously through me. For all of your love and kindness. A love that's never dyin'. Would you still love me if I neglected your best interests and blamed you for only tryin' To guard [...]

White Privilege (Part One)

You would not believe how many trolls I've had to fight off, in one afternoon. The disgust and abhorrent nature to refuse ambiguity and to deny compassion is becoming more and more evident, and cannot be any more inhumane. Everyday I open my Facebook app, I prepare to put on my SocialMan cape, and save [...]


It was thirty minutes into the ceremony, and I had just been escorted onto the Coliseum floor amongst the other graduates. You damn right, I had made it just in time for my own graduation. Before I could realize how far I had actually come, I peeped over my shoulder to acknowledge every hinderance that [...]


”Can I take a dive in your Ocean.” As Daryl and I gather ourselves for the morning, TK Kravitz repeats this and Jacquees continues being Jacquees, permeating throughout the living area. This was the first time this song reached my ears, and more. “You ever had some pussy that made you crazy?” Shocked at the [...]

A Compass & Pathfinder

It began to seem as if the thunderstorm was letting up, no time soon. Between each breath exhaled, the shattering rain intensified along the roof of the car. I sat a little while longer to recover any faults, to clear any doubts before saying what I wished. "Dad... I want to be just like you [...]