The difference between the Earth and the world

Picture yourself in your adolescence, wanting to become a surgeon due to the high salary. As life lingers onward, you continue to work as diligent as possible in school to reach the goal. Once you actually receive that certificate to practice your profession, you are overwhelmed with admiration, nostalgia, acknowledgement, and gratefulness for the past [...]


Feeling down — Revolutionary Musings This has been a rough week for me; it started out optimistic; I had just started school again; my blog is growing and in turn I feel connected to others. The prospect of volunteering with the disabled is exciting; a chance to give back and meet people with similar interests. But once I withdrew [...]

Honey Pop

Thank you, For the sweet joy suited for me, and my life particularly. For the rays of the promising rainbow, shining simultaneously through me. For all of your love and kindness. A love that's never dyin'. Would you still love me if I neglected your best interests and blamed you for only tryin' To guard [...]

How American Women’s Pro Baseball Kept Lesbians in the Closet


“A League of Their Own,” the film starring Rosie O’Donnell and Geena Davis, told the story of a women’s professional baseball team that played in an all-girl league in the 1940s and ’50s — a time when many gays were still in the closet. Partly truth, partly fiction, “the film does to the history of the league what the owners tried to do its existence — erase lesbians from the narrative.”

At Narratively, Britni de la Cretaz looks at the history of lesbianism in early pro women’s baseball and at the beautiful, lifetime love stories the film chose to ignore.

When Terry Donahue met Pat Henschel in 1947, Donahue was a 22-year-old catcher and utility infielder in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. She grew up playing ball with her younger brother, Tom, on their family’s farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. “She claimed that she was five-foot-two. She was about…

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