The Contributors

The Living Holist is powered by a diverse enigma on the drive to promote value and raise awareness of local businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists throughout society.

The site was planted to generate a fortune of healthy living guides, informative passages, empathic narrations, and essentials such as topicals, aromas, herbs, and recipes. Since, the brand continues to accentuate the importance of holistic self-care in the adventures of today.

Holistic healing is a form of self-betterment within the individual, unto the community. With this energy, the beaten and battered are encouraged, light permeates through darkness, and a spark is born into the communities lacking true wealth of knowledge.

The Living Holist is an enterprise for the community and the ultimate lifestyle guide, toward superior public health.

This is an informative source, intended to educate, entertain, and inspire the difference-makers across the planet.

The Living Holist is a clashing collaboration of holistic health, social occurrences, and personal experiences. Here, not only will you come across factual guides, but also entertaining stories about true life events.

Many of these stories are told from a first-person point of view, by individuals bearing the duality of the war within. The content produced provides vivid imagery with a transparent flow regarding the betterment of environmental health, physical health, sexual health, emotional health, financial health, spiritual health, mental health, social uproars, and interpersonal relationships, seen otherwise as “an intervention between you and whom you want to be.”

Discretion is advised as the material is able to not only evoke profound awareness, but also lucid sensitivity through creative writing.