Feeling down — Revolutionary Musings

This has been a rough week for me; it started out optimistic; I had just started school again; my blog is growing and in turn I feel connected to others. The prospect of volunteering with the disabled is exciting; a chance to give back and meet people with similar interests. But once I withdrew from […]

What is depression?

A tough rut to climb out of. A matter which isn’t always diagnosed or proclaimed. Never a subject to laugh about. It’s not always just about feeling down and not reaping the rewards. It falls deeper than that. The feelings of incompetence, the negative/overwhelming surroundings, the lack of support, and the loss of values permeating through you and taking complete control, while highlighting your incapabilities/mistakes and posting them as the headlines of your life story.

How can depression be avoided? Positivism will always override the negatives. Look toward the wins, instead of losses. This writer provides clear insight on how his situational pain does not defy the final destination. Most importantly, at a immensely trying time he shows the gratitude of the support and understanding his readers are able to provide. He also succeeds in finding a way to hinder the darkening clouds from shadowing him, in an outlet of writing and relating to others.

It is extremely important to focus on what lifts you up, instead of what tears you down. Also, look toward those who may feel what you are. You are not alone. Do not allow circumstances to define you. It isn’t the circumstance that matters, it’s the response.

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