White Privilege (Part One)

You would not believe how many trolls I’ve had to fight off, in one afternoon. The disgust and abhorrent nature to refuse ambiguity and to deny compassion is becoming more and more evident, and cannot be any more inhumane.

Everyday I open my Facebook app, I prepare to put on my SocialMan cape, and save the day with the presence of shared content regarding social issues. Race relations, ethics, foreign affairs, you name it. Yesterdays topic? IMMIGRATION.

The post was a screenshot, of a photo depicting a little boy of Spanish origin, hugging and sobbing with his father who was to be deported, after 16 years. The photo had been quote retweeted by another Hispanic male, with the following:

White people are so lucky they never have to face this bullshit in their lives ever

This ruffled more than a back full of feathers as many rushed to justify the reasoning behind deportation, the laws, and how 16 years is long enough. To be honest, I cannot understand why it has always been so difficult for people to understand that they have it much easier in society, than many minorities.

To many, immigration seems to be a touchy subject as it pertains to plenty and their own family members. Unfortunately, many people of the United States are blind to the clear systemic racism, oppression, and privilege. They believe obtaining citizenship is an easy-peezy ass process. To be frank, I’d be blind if life worked in my favor and I too, went unaffected.

It is said that God has written on the hearts of all man (Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 10:16, Romans 2:15). This would happen to explain our innate reflex of compassion and moral understanding, something all of God’s children should be born with.

The following is an excerpt, written by a frustrated young lady who discerned ignorance of my “friends” throughout the comments section of the shared post. She confided in me about her grandfather and gave me the okay to share with you.

“Imagine getting married as a teenager 18 to be exact to an American who was also a teenager in a foreign country having a slight language barrier with your now wife

Also neither having more than gradeschool education

When immigration was not as strict as it is now

And then once married – going to a lawyer to finalize paperwork and the lawyer taking advantage of these 2 teenagers saying nothing else was needed from them

So they go through life raising a family of 5 never worrying about anything – going back and forth to visit family in his home country

Not worrying about anything – him having a social security card a drivers license etc etc – also keep in mind borders were not watched as closely as they are now

His dad dies so he goes to visit post 9/11 era

He goes back home handles funeral arrangements

Etc etc

On his way back to his own family in America he gets detained is treated like a criminal

– and is questioned about his citizenship (which he thinks he did everything he needed to obtain 40 years ago whenever he got married)

And the kicker of all of this is he’s sent back to a country that he hasn’t lived in since he was 13 years old…

his family can’t get him back even with the best lawyers because according to the government he was living in this country illegally for 40+ years and that’s a slap in the face to them

Had he the resources to get a lawyer that actually wanted to help him and his wife in 1970

He would’ve been able to gain citizenship in probably less than 16 years and probably would’ve been granted amnesty as well under Reagan…

Hopefully it will open someone’s eyes to see that sometimes a system that they think is in place to help everyone willing to “follow the rules” has its flaws especially when a person is trying to come over young, with a language barrier, & especially with a lack of education

That same system takes advantage of many people every day

As soon as it happens to someone you know/ a family member/ a friend then peoples mindset changes

And it doesn’t make sense

Why not have that same understanding and compassion for a completely random person?

That happened to my grandpa and it’s harder to know there is absolutely nothing I can do for him…

And it hurts to know people like the comment section of your post really believe that immigrants are lazy or that they’re not trying hard enough

Or stereotype immigrants based on fear

It’s like when little kids close their eyes and cover their ears and say na na na I cant hear you

When all they have to do is open their eyes and see it for themselves


Migrating from a different country and adapting isn’t the easiest to do, let alone fleeing for asylum if applicable. The process of being granted acceptance isn’t always simple and feasible. This is a land that has been colonized by immigrants (who never obtained citizenship and put the indigenous people through genocide), plundered for its resources, and now being fought for as the land of the free.

To answer the question “Why not have the same understanding and compassion for a completely random person?” It hurts me to assume, but it only makes sense to think those who lack compassion simply are not God’s own.


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